Megan has announced the sex of her baby!

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Thursday, 1 October 2020, 8:57AM

In the first episode of Megan's Baby Diary, Megan wanted to touch on gender.

"To kick it off, we thought we'd start by revealing what we are having."

Megan acknowledged that in this day and age, it doesn't feel quite right announcing gender.

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"It is pretty strange in 2020 because Andrew and I have discussed this at home, we've discussed it at work, we've all agreed it is pretty weird to kind of reveal your child's genitals, which is essentially what you're doing."

"Everyone asks 'what are you having?' and 'are you going to find out?'."

"But if you haven't cottoned on, the issue is assigning someone's gender based entirely on their genitals because it doesn't always match up." 

"We are two cis-gendered parents, we are open and supportive, and we will accept and love our child whoever they choose to be, whoever they choose to love and whatever they choose to do in life." 

"But yes, I will be announcing our child's genitals" Megan joked.

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Place your bets! It’s a ...🤍🤍

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"It's a boy!"

Congratulations Megan and Andrew on your baby boy! 




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