Amazing List of 'Good Things' That Happened in 2016 Delights the Internet

Publish Date
Tuesday, 15 November 2016, 1:15PM

You may be feeling a bit depressed about 2016...there have been multiple deaths including David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Prince. 

But Vaughan found a list that is sure to cheer you up! 

Tumblr user helthehatter has responded to the gloomy outlook by creating a list of good things that have happened in 2016 to cheer everyone up.

Helthehatter told BuzzFeed that her list of heart-warming moments was inspired by an uplifting Reddit thread.

The blogger also shared some heartwarming stories, including 200 strangers attending the funeral of a homeless WW2 veteran with no family and a teenager battling cancer marrying his sweetheart.

“Any year spent with loved ones, be they family or friends, is a good year. Trust me,” she wrote.

She asked for others to share their own good news stories, adding: “Even if it’s something small like you ate cheesecake THAT is good news.”