Are Love Island UK and Love Island AUS going to merge?

Publish Date
Tuesday, 12 June 2018, 4:17PM

Okay, if you're not watching at least ONE of the Love Islands right now then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!

Love Island UK just kicked off another season in the beautiful city of Majorca, while Love Island Australia has just kicked off it's first season in ... Majorca ... 

Remember last year when the Love Island UK producers introduced an ENTIRE new villa Casa A Mor, that had MORE sexy singles in it?

Sh*t well and truly hit the fan, with fan favourite Marcel even finding himself in hot water. The firls were NOT impressed when Marcel kissed another girl and Kem was pursued by Chyna. 

But what if there was another massive plot twist coming our way this year?????

There's a conspiracy theory floating around the internet, saying Love Island Australia contestants will be merged with UK contestants in a few weeks down the line.

And it totally makes sense....

Both of the shows are filmed in Majorca AND they started at a similar time. 

So surely if they're gonna introduce a surprise villa, it could make a lot of sense that it's a Northern/Southern hemisphere reunion?


Watch Love Island UK HERE and Love Island AUS HERE!