Ariana Grande tells Auckland she's "moving" to New Zealand

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Sunday, 3 September 2017, 10:37AM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Ariana Grande has spoken to Kiwi fans at her Auckland concert, telling them how much she loves sheep and wants to move to New Zealand.

"I've wanted to come see you guys for so long, so thank you for welcoming me. There are so many sheep here ... I love it here ... I'm moving here," she said.

That was the only time she spoke to the crowd, otherwise preferring to plough on with her world tour at full throttle. 

Kiwi fans flocked to Spark Arena to see the Dangerous Woman hitmaker, wearing Grande's signature bunny ears and screaming with excitement as a video counted down to her arrival on stage.

She hit every single high note and nailed every single trick and run flawlessly, all the while somehow dancing as hard as her dancers, and yelling at the Auckland crowd to sing along with her.

But the absolute stand-out moment was when Grande performed her cover of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, which she performed at her One Love Manchester concert until she was brought to tears and unable to continue. This time, she performed it perfectly, with the One Love Manchester symbol in the background behind her.

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