Art and Matilda have released an exciting new product

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Friday, 1 December 2017, 3:10PM
Photos: Instagram/plateupnz

Photos: Instagram/plateupnz

Art and Matilda just really can't do no wrong. 

Ever since the two found love on the first season of The Bachelor NZ the two have had success after success. 

Art is the co-founder and owner of Clean Paleo and Matilda has secured some sweet brand ambassador deals with Jockey and Colgate along with just releasing her first book. 

Now the two have teamed up for a new venture: Plate Up. 

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The company delivers healthy yet yummy pre-made meals to your door that you can just heat up in the microwave. 

From Butter Chicken to Sweet and Sour chicken, there's a fair amount of yummy options. 

Heat up, Plate Up, EAT UP 🥕 . #plateupnz

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Check it out here if it sounds like a bit of you.