Charlotte Crosby confirms she's undergone more plastic surgery

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Thursday, 9 November 2017, 11:55AM
Photo: Instagram/charlottegshore

Photo: Instagram/charlottegshore

You just don't know how a comment online will affect someone, even celebrities. 

Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby has been pretty open about previous cosmetic surgery she's had and she's now opened up about undergoing a new procedure to correct her "uni-boob".

Fans have been inundating Charlotte's recent Instagram photos with comments suggesting that the Geordie star has had a boob job. 

The 27-year-old has now told Heat magazine that she did, in fact, get a breast enlargement, as the nasty comments online were taking a toll on her self-confidence.

“It really limited what I could wear without people saying, ‘What the f-ck’s wrong with her boobs?’ and it got to the point in my life where I was thinking, ‘Should I just get it done? I’m young, I wish I had a body where I can wear different clothes'," she said.

"Because I'm famous, if a picture of me is online, people say things like 'What is wrong with her boobs? They're deformed! They're stuck together.'

"I didn't want to always have to wear high necks so you couldn't see the middle of my boobs. Even when I wore a bikini on holiday I had to cover the middle bit."

Just goes to show that celebrities are affected by nasty comments online just like anyone else!