Frenzy over the good looking Kiwi brothers that competed in the Commonwealth Games

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Monday, 16 April 2018, 3:43PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Tauranga brothers Ben and Sam O’Dea won bronze medals on Thursday evening in the men’s beach volleyball at the Commonwealth Games. The first medal of it’s kind for New Zealand.

But Ben looks as though he will strike gold in his other profession — modelling — after millions watched his performances on the Gold Coast sand.

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And Sam may join his brother in front of the camera.

“Ben is about to be launched to the next level following success on the international sports stage,” says Andrea Plowright from Ben’s agency, 62 Models.

“The door is now open to more sponsorship deals and bigger brands being aware of him. I personally see both Ben and his brother, Sam, who is also model handsome, being chased by brands and corporates.”

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Ben has enjoyed beach volleyball success at international level over the past few years, including winning the AVC Beach Tour title. The solar panel maintenance business owner from Mt Maunganui breezed into the offices of 62 Models in 2015 and asked about his chances of doing some modelling.

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He has since been shot for Kiwi brands such as Icebreaker, Nicholas Jermyn, Farmers and Meccano as well as having a sponsorship deal with Oakley sunglasses.

Ben told Spy from Australia that he was thankful for the support from New Zealand during the Games.

“I am so stoked to be representing New Zealand — and we are hoping this opportunity leads to bigger things.”

Ben’s truck was stolen during the Games opening ceremony. Perhaps there’s a big brand car dealer lining up for an opportunity.

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