Meet the four new sexy singles joining Heartbreak Island!

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Sunday, 24 June 2018, 10:13AM
Photo: TVNZ

Photo: TVNZ

Four new hot singles are about to shake things up on Heartbreak Island!

Tonight's episode of Heartbreak Island will see four new 'disruptors' arrive on the Fijian island in the quest to find love and win $100,000. 

Meet Caitlin, Liam, Candace and Ben:

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Caitlin Smith is a 23-year-old model & actor from North Auckland.

Liam Lonergan is a 22-year-old event manager from West Auckland.

Candace Kiernan is a 22-year-old who works in retail in Wellington.

Ben Evans is a 26-year-old personal trainer from West Auckland.

We're sure that these four newbies will raise the stakes on the island...

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