More concerns over Charlotte Crosby's "excessive" plastic surgery

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 2:50PM
Photo: Instagram/charlottegshore

Photo: Instagram/charlottegshore

Charlotte Crosby definitely looks different from the early days of her Geordie Shore, but fans believe she's now gone too far with cosmetic procedures. 

Recent photos posted on her Instagram have garnered comments from followers, with many expressing their distaste at her possible plastic surgery. 

"Such a shame what you’ve done to your face you were so beautiful before", "Gosh she looks so odd... Lost her natural beauty I reckon" were just a couple of the negative comments.

Charlotte has previously admitted to getting a nose job, posting a before and after of the work on Twitter:

She's also previously talked about the negative feedback she's received from going under the knife, saying: "I didn’t think everyone was going to say: 'Wow, it looks amazing', I knew half would love it and half would hate it. But I feel great. Surgery has made me feel so much more confident."

Well, it is Charlotte's body, so if she feels better from her surgeries that’s all that matters, right?