The Bachelor's Viarni and Hannah lash out at the media

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 8:25AM
Photo: Instagram/thebachelornz

Photo: Instagram/thebachelornz

Viarni Bright, this year's winner of The Bachelor NZ and subsequently the winner of Zac Franich's heart, has taken to Instagram to hit back at reports that her and Zac's relationship is on the rocks. 

In an article by Stuff, titled 'The Bachelor New Zealand 2017: Where are they now?', the publication wrote that "aside from a couple of magazine stories, her Instagram feed is so un-full of loved-up snaps, some wondered if true love was on the rocks", along with commenting on Viarni's close friendship with other girls from the show.

This led Viarni to respond angrily via her Instagram story and she posted the following snaps:

Hannah, who made it to the top four in the show and still has a close friendship with Viarni also took to her Instagram story to respond to the story. 

Her post seemed to be a response to the comment that she was living with Bachelor runner-up Lily. 

Lesson here: don't mess with the girls from The Bachelor...