The bizarre body part Margot Robbie once found on the beach

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Thursday, 21 December 2017, 9:24AM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Margot Robbie was recently asked to tell the "craziest thing" that's ever happened to her by a director.

Her response was that she once found a human foot on the sand of a beach in Nicaragua...

She said: "I recently did a film, and the director asked if everyone could write down the craziest thing that has happened to them in their lives. I had spent two months with this group of people, probably about 60 people, and everyone seems super normal.

"And then everyone had to write down the craziest thing that happened to them, and it was released on the last day, and you had to guess whose story matched up with who. It just reminded me that fascinating people are everywhere. Everywhere.

"Someone had been engaged to the princess of Zanzibar. Someone else had been in a plane crash where only 10 people survived. It just reminds you there are fascinating stories everywhere. Everyone has a story.

"I once found - and no one guessed that this was me - I found a human foot on the beach in Nicaragua."

Although she didn't give any more details about what she'd done after discovering the foot, Bryan Cranston joked that she now uses the limb as a doorstop.

Margot, who visited Nicaragua in 2014 described it as: "Just a little souvenir."

While we're sure that Nicaragua beaches are beautiful, we're not sure we'll be in any hurry to head there anytime soon...

So in the meantime, we'll be laughing at this hilarious gram she posted earlier this year from the beach:


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