The eerie prediction that Lorde made in a Tweet at start of 2017 seems to have come true

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Wednesday, 20 December 2017, 4:21PM
Photo: Instagram/lordemusic

Photo: Instagram/lordemusic

Our very own Kiwi songstress, Lorde, seems to have predicted the downfall of the ligance of high profile Hollywood men that have been outed for sexual harassment. 

In the very beginning of the year, she posted this eerie tweet:

And three months later, her Tweet began to become truth. 

It began with Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly who was fired after it was revealed he had paid out millions of dollars to five different women in sexual harassment settlements and then an even higher profile man was outed - Harvey Weinstein. 

This set off a domino effect of more than 42 high profile men in the entertainment or media industry, including Kevin Spacey, being forced to resign or being fired.

And Lorde has now gotten in the last word:

Now we're just holding out for her 2018 predictions...

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