The sneaky meaning behind Kylie Jenner's baby name, 'Stormi' revealed

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Monday, 12 February 2018, 1:45PM
Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Prior to the name reveal of Kylie Jenner's baby daughters name, there were many predictions on what the famous tot would be named. 

But no one expected the wee girl to be named Stormi. 

stormi webster 👼🏽

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Prior to the name reveal, fans were convinced it would be something Butterfly related - as Kylie and boyfriend Travis Scott seemed to have a special connection with the insect.

Kylie appeared to be dropping hints to her fans that suggest the baby may be named 'Butterfly' by decorating her nursery with butterfly images, receiving floral tributes in the shape of a butterfly and wearing a butterfly adorned necklace.

Kylie shows off her butterfly chain necklace. Image/Youtube

She even decorated the nursery walls with the theme. Image/Youtube

But the name 'Stormi' could, in fact, have a butterfly meaning to it! 

One Twitter sleuth revealed how they cracked the code:

The saying goes if a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world it creates a ripple and a storm happens in another part of the world…. Travis Scott made song called butterfly effect 9 months ago, 9 months later guess who pops out? STORMI BITCHES I CRACKED THE CODE — Kyle🎁 (@Ativanxiety) February 8, 2018

OK, it's a bit far-fetched, but let's be honest, if anyone was to name their child based on this bizarre theory, it would be Kylie. 



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