The words that Meghan Markle will never be allowed to say again

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Wednesday, 20 December 2017, 4:37PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

We all know there are certain things we’ll never see the royal family do.

But did you also know there is a correct way of speaking if you're part of the monarch?

According to former butler and etiquette guide Grant Harrold, the 'Suits' actress is currently getting schooled in the correct manner of speaking.

“In public life, you need to be a confident speaker, which we have seen Miss Markle doing very well during the engagement interview.

“As far as being coached on what to say, that's being discussed with the Royal Household.”

These are the dos and don'ts the 36-year-old will be currently learning...

  1. Posh
    It's a word that most of us would use to describe the upper classes, but the royal themselves would never opt to say 'posh'. Instead, they would use the word 'smart'.

  2. Perfume
    Female members of the royal household, including the Queen, Kate and Duchess Camilla, never wear perfume. Instead they spritz on a favoured 'scent'.

  3. Pardon
    We’ve always been taught that ‘pardon’ is the polite term, but the royals will simply say 'sorry?' or 'what?'.

  4. Tea
    Never refer to your evening meal as 'tea'. At the palace, the royals sit down at the end of the day to their 'dinner' or 'supper'.

  5. Toilet
    If Miss Markle ever needs to excuse herself, you won’t hear her saying she’s popping to the 'toilet,' 'ladies’ room,' or 'bathroom'. 'Lavatory' or 'loo' are the preferred terms.

  6. Lounge
    Buckingham Palace has a huge number of rooms – but you won't find a single 'lounge'. Instead, the Windsors relax in a 'sitting room' or a 'drawing room'.

  7. Couch
    Queen Elizabeth would spend a lazy day on the 'sofa,' but wouldn't be caught dead on a 'settee' or a 'couch'.

  8. Mum and dad
    We might not have referred to our parents as 'mummy and daddy' since we were kids, but the royals continue this tradition well into adulthood.

  9. Patio
    Royal kids only have a 'terrace' to play on.

  10. Refreshments
    Refreshments are only served only at middle-class functions. Royal parties just have 'food and drink.'

  11. Sweets
    Royals refer to dessert as 'pudding.'

  12. Function
    While we may call it a function. The royals just call it a 'party.'

  13. Portions
    The royals eat their food in 'helpings.'

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