Valerie Adams opens up about her IVF heartbreak

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Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 1:08PM
Photos: Getty Images

Photos: Getty Images

Olympic champion Dame Valerie Adams has opened up about her fertility struggles.

After giving birth to her gorgeous daughter Kimoana earlier this year, Adams opened up to Woman’s Day over the weekend. 

Valerie and her husband Gabe tried to conceive their first child after she won her silver medal in Rio last year, but their plans were derailed when her GP discovered she had a low egg count.

After many failed attempts and a dose of tablets to increase her egg count, the couple decided to undergo in-vitro fertilisation.

Their first attempt failed, leaving Adams devastated.

“It was horrible – the worst experience ever. My heart was broken. All we could do was cry.”

She then went back to the specialists and discovered she had endometriosis and low levels of hormones that regulate menstruation.

A different cycle of IVF was decided upon with four daily injections and a testosterone patch.

"Never knew a luh luh luh a love like this" - Welcome to the world, Kimoana Josephine Adams-Price. 👨‍👩‍👧💕

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“The whole thing took six or seven weeks and we were praying the entire time” says the Olympic gold medallist.

Finally, good news!

“At the 10-day point, I took about eight pregnancy tests and they all came back postitive, I loved seeing the double lines over and over again, I kept them all until I got home to show Gabe!”

Val’s mother Lilika suffered with endometriosis and died from ovarian cancer in 2000.

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