Spotify's Zodiac playlists will provide you with the bangers your soul NEEDS

Publish Date
Wednesday, 11 September 2019, 12:31PM

Kiwi's can now find playlists made specifically for their star sign- so you'll know you'll love them!

Famed astrologer and star whisperer Chani Nicholas, hs curated the perfect songs into a playlist for each sign, so you can discover new tracks that will awaken your soul.

And the best part?

The playlists are available on Spotify, the 12 playlists change monthly and according to Chani, are perfect for "your own personal dance party".

You can find your playlist by searching your star sign on Spotify, or here on Chani's website.

And if you don't trust her opinion, check out her personalized playlist for Lizzo!