Weis Ice Cream has landed in New Zealand!

Publish Date
Friday, 25 October 2019, 10:23AM

Say hello sunshine with a piece of a Weis, made with real fruit for real flavour.

A Weis bar is a unique pairing of one stripe of creamy ice cream and another of delicious real fruit for the most refreshing treat summer has to offer. With a range of bars, from fruit to sorbet to dairy-free goodness - Weis is the flavour adventure you need this summer.

Sitting at your desk on a sunny day? Dreaming about all things summer? ZM and Weis are here to help. Register your workplace below and the ZM Black Thunders could be bringing sunshine to your workplace with the ultimate Weis Workplace Shout.

Make sure to follow your local ZM Black Thunders over summer to find out where you can get a piece of a Weis.