Foley got our hands in the air during 'Smooth It Over' live in ZMs Acoustic Corner!

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Monday, 26 December 2022, 7:00AM

2022 sees the return of indie pop-duo, Foley, who got our hands in the air during their jam session of 'Smooth It Over' in ZMs Acoustic Corner!

The Kiwi pair's new sound explores a more fearless, grittier pop, which they now call home. The undeniable bounce of the walking bassline effortlessly contrasts with the theme of the song.

"'Smooth It Over' was the realisation that both myself and my partner were hiding little pieces of ourselves from each other and glazing over our reservations", Foley explains. 

We love everytime they come to visit us!

Check out their raw version of 'Smooth It Over' above.

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