Vaughan's top 6 pieces of information given to millennials who want to buy a house

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Tuesday, 4 April 2017, 8:00AM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Millennials are always fed the same old info about buying hard and you'll get there, stop wasting your money on silly things, etc etc. Vaughan seems to be a bit sick of hearing the same old lists from the big news companies so he came up with his own one with some points but also a little more of the background behind them: 

6. Stop eating smashed avocado on toast

If you need a deposit of $150,000, then stop eating 10,000 smashed avocados on toasts and you'll have your deposit. Also cancel Sky. That's $80 a month. So in the year 2173 you'll be able to afford a deposit for a house in 2017.  

5. Have a dead person leave you some serious cash

Vaughan recalls the story about how an Auckland woman had a 10% deposit by age 20 but things got out of hand and she couldn't afford much. Then her grandfather left her $100,000 in his will. She can't touch the money until she's 30 but it was enough to convince the bank she's a safe bet. 

4. Live without rent for 10 years

Live rent-free with your parents for 10 years and don't pay for anything ever. Learn nothing about saving and life. 

3. Stop being so picky

You can get a hoarders house that's an ex meth-lab in a crime-riddled neighbourhood that floods for $800,000. What are you complaining about?

2. Already own a house in Auckland

If that's not possible, go back in time. To when you were in high school and you had a job so you could afford to go places to maintain friendships that would be invaluable later in life. Don't do that. Start saving. 

1. Toughen up, join the army and stop complaining about house prices

Instead of buying your first home. Learn how to save first and appreciate that nothing comes easy and free without a bit of hard work. The man giving this advice made $10 million off investing in Auckland property..........starting with a wedding gift of $200,000 from his father in 2009.

Hear Vaughan's Top 6 below: