Vaughan's top 6 ways to keep yourself cool during the heatwave

Publish Date
Wednesday, 31 January 2018, 12:40PM

Bloody heck it has been a swelter lately!

With temperatures reaching the late 30's in some places, we've barely been able to cope.

Not to mention there's a freaking fan shortage - WHY OH WHY! 

Sooo Vaughan has stepped in to help us out, with his top 6 ways to beat the heat (which you can also listen to above):

6. Cuddle a penguin

Though I've asked Kelly Tarltons about a penguin cuddling experience at my house and they hung up... so it's a work in progress. Still waiting Kelly Tarltons, hit me up. 

5. Buy a chest freezer that you could totally fit in 

It's handy all year round and only costs $500 on sale. You could sleep in there, slightly reclined, with a pack of mince at your feet. Be sure to leave the lid a-jar to avoid hypothermia and frostbite. 

4. Piss off your partner to get the cold shoulder

Ahh the cold shoulder, it's a metaphorical cold but it will still make you feel better. 

3. You know how you flip the pillow to get the cold side? Do it with everything.

Everything's got a colder side, that's a fact. 

2. Get in a cupboard with a heater and when you come out, it will feel colder by comparison 

You know where you go overseas somewhere that's really hot and you come home and NZ's hot but it was hotter where you were and you like "brrrr"? Well it's like that without the cost of flights. 

1. Cut air vents in all your clothes

Ripped jeans get a lot of air flow through them - so do it with your t-shirts too. Just put the vents wherever you sweat. I know women get hot under the boobs - cut a vent there. 

That's today's top six.