MAFS: Ryan drops his clothes for nude photoshoot

Publish Date
Tuesday, 27 March 2018, 12:37PM

It involves a very strategically placed Easter Egg and a naked man.

Ryan Gallagher, the ex-husband of 'villian' Davina has posed for a NW magazine photoshoot, minus his clothes!

He became a fan favourite after he was unfairly treated by Davina, and dealt with the ordeal in a very "matter-of-fact" blunt way.

This is still one of our fave moments:

NW Magazine has capitalised on his growing popularity, getting him to pose full-frontal with a strategically-placed Easter egg.

And did he feel awkward about it? Nah.

“No, I'm not a very awkward person. I mean, you're born [naked] and you'll probably finish that way.

“Nudity's not a bad thing… I'm not shy, I never have been. You gotta be comfortable with nudity. I've got a lot of flaws. But you've just got to own them. Move on.”


Apparently the Easter Egg had to be replaced because the original egg wasn't quite big enough. 

"Yeah, [the NW-ettes on set] went to the supermarket and got a bigger egg!"

You can see more pics here.