Married At First Sight's Haydn rips into Bel on Instagram: "She acts like a bitter victim"

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Wednesday, 25 October 2017, 11:57AM
Photo: Facebook/haydnMAFSNZ

Photo: Facebook/haydnMAFSNZ

If you thought there could possibly be no more Married At First Sight drama, then boy oh boy were you wrong. 

Just a few weeks into the show and we've seen one marriage completely demise and well, if we're being honest, most of the honest look to be heading that way too. 

One of the grooms, Haydn, has pretty much confirmed that Bel and himself do not last the distance with an Instagram post that takes the drama to a whole new level. 

Whilst Haydn's Instagram is set to private, he has accepted a follow request from ZM. He posted a photo of himself and fellow MAFS hubby, Luke, with the following caption:

"Enough is enough. So apparently my 'wife' is spreading false rumours online that I cheated on her. Totally false. I Have backed Bel 100% yet she acts like a bitter victim. I left her because I simply could not deal with the emotional stress of being around her. Oh and by the way spreading false rumours is called defamation Bel. I'm sure you'll need to google it. I apologise to everyone that Belinda has spoiled the show."

So we can take three key pieces of info from this: 

- Bel is accusing Haydn of cheating on her

- Haydn and Bel are no longer together, with Haydn saying he "left her"

- Bel's full name is Belinda - who knew! 

Well, we guess that's two couples down, with just three surviving couples left...

MAFS NZ season one is definitely providing the drama!