These two Heartbreak Island evictees have had a relationship with each other after the show!

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018, 12:39PM

Last nights episode of Heartbreak Island saw both Kristian and Tiffany absolutely blindsided by their respective 'partners'. 

Kristian managed to piss off Ruby with his actions following a kiss with the newbie on the island, Natasha, so Ruby sacrificed Kristian's spot on the island in favour of Harry. 

Tiffany kissed Tavita behind her partner, Josh's, back and so Josh threw her under the bus to save Georgia. 

This meant we said goodbye to Kristian and Tiffany.

BUT, all doesn't seem to end too badly for these two. After being evicted the two were sent on a date on the island, as a way to debrief.

Their joint experience in being shafted led to them bonding and a relationship was sparked when they ended up spending four nights together on the island, as the two have told our days host Bel, with Tiffany describing it as "a honeymoon".

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They also revealed to Bel that this relationship continued when they both got back to New Zealand, with the two spending a lot of time together for three weeks. 

So is it still love for the two...? Unfortunately not. Tiffany told Bel that it ended due to Kristian having "interests elsewhere". 

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