Video emerges of one of the MAFS AU grooms ‘snorting white powder' with strippers

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Monday, 5 March 2018, 3:12PM
Photo: Instagram/telv11

Photo: Instagram/telv11

See this is the thing about reality TV... if you have ANY skeletons in your closest then you can bet your bottom dollar than those juicy secrets are going to be exposed as soon as you enter the public forum. 

And with the most recent season of Married At First Sight AU, we've seen many nuggets from contestants past's come to the forefront. 

Like how Tracey looked like BEFORE plastic surgery and Alycia's amazing weight loss transformation

But this is by far the juiciest dirt to be dug up! 

Telv Williams is now under scrutiny after Woman’s Day got a hold of photos of him posing with a topless dancer and a bag of white powder in his mouth.

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Along with this, a video has also been leaked showing Telv snorting a substance from the backside of a woman in a g-string...

A 'source' told the mag that the incident happened during a night at a friend’s place.


It’s been reported that the footage of Telv was captured in early 2017. 

See the photos/video here.