Why we may not be getting a fourth season of The Bachelor

Publish Date
Tuesday, 23 January 2018, 11:10AM

Since 2015 The Bachelor NZ has been providing us with power couples (well, only one now), b-rated celebrities and alllllll the drama.

But the popular reality show may not be back for 2018!

The clue that we won't be getting a new bachy (and host of girls wanting to become insta famous) on our screens comes from the fact that auditions and casting have yet to begin. 

For all previous three seasons, auditions and casting have begun in November, with filming starting early in the new year.

But the call for willing singles to find love on TV has not happened.

Stuff asked MediaWorks, who broadcasts the show, whether we will be getting a fourth season of The Bachelor NZ and the company would not confirm whether the show has been commissioned for another series.

But why wouldn't it return? Well, the ratings weren't great in the most previous season, for a start. 

The number of viewers that tuned in to watch The Bachelor NZ halved from season two to season three, as interest in the show appeared to wane.

The second season had an average audience of 219,400 viewers in the target demographic of people aged 25 to 54.

But the third season saw this number drop to an an average of 117,471 viewers.

The other possible reason why we may not see a new bachy on our screens could be due to Married at First Sight's popularity. 

The New Zealand version of the show aired for the first time in 2017 and was an instant hit thanks to excess amounts of drama and backstabbing.

Well if we don't get another season of The Bachelor NZ and least we can all be happy that the show produced the Power Couple of all Power Couple's: Art Green and Matilda Rice.



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