You have to see this Shortland Street penis scene

Publish Date
Tuesday, 14 February 2017, 2:47PM

Chris Warner has faced many threats over the years: he's been arrested and charged with murder at least twice; his psychotic step brother tried to set him on fire; he's been involved in multiple explosions; and he can't survive Christmas without his life being threatened in some way.

Yet nothing could prepare Shortland Street's longest-serving character for the greatest threat of all: his son's penis.

A storyline included in Friday's episode of the long-running soap has gone viral, with one TV critic calling it, "the best ending to a soap ever".

It revolved around Harry Warner as he grappled with whether or not to send a 'dick pic' to his love interest, Lily.

He eventually decided that yes, he should, heading into a public beachside bathroom to strip down and snap the pic.

Unfortunately for him, the photo was shared with a furious Warner, who confronted his son when he arrived home.

"Please tell me that is not your penis!" Warner wailed dramatically before the show cut to its familiar cliffhanger drumbeat.

The line, which is an instant rival for, "You're not in Guatemala anymore, Dr Ropata" as the show's most iconic line, has caught the attention of many.

Speaking to Fletch, Vaughan and Megan this morning, actor Michael Galvin said that when he read that line in the script he was instantly a bit nervous because of how amazing the line is and felt the pressure to deliver it well.

"What an iconic moment for New Zealand television," one commenter wrote on The Spinoff's Facebook page.

"Great scene. But really - whose penis does Chris hope is on his son's tablet?" another joked.

Documentary maker David Farrier shared the video on Twitter, with the caption: "What is New Zealand television like?"

Another Twitter user wrote: "This is NZ cinematic perfection".

The video has even been shared on an Australian website TVTonight, wth the comment "You don't get this on Aussie soaps".

A TV critic from British newspaper The Sun has also shared it, calling it "the best ending to a soap ever".

The video has been viewed more 16,000 times since it was posted by The Spinoff yesterday.

Harry isn't the first Warner man to get naked at the beach in recent weeks.

Early last week, his older half-brother Frank went skinny dipping while romancing nurse Kylie.

Shortland Street celebrates it's 25th anniversary this year, though it will be hard for any future storylines to top the level of drama Harry's photo has provided.