This hack will allow you to view Instagram stories anonymously

Publish Date
Tuesday, 20 April 2021, 4:25PM

Ever wondered how you can view someone's Insta story, without them KNOWING you've viewed their Insta story?

It appears you're not the only one. Some genius has figured out a way that you can do this so you can channel your inner Spy Kid. 

Turn your phone onto AEROPLANE mode. 

If you didn't know, Instagram preloads a handful of Insta stories that you can view without an internet connection. So, to be sneaky you can head to XXXXX profile, wait for the story ring to appear and then turn your phone to aeroplane mode. Without a wi-fi connection, you won't appear on their story views. Game changer! 

We may have given you a few secrets, but if you get caught please don't send them our way... All of these are at your OWN RISK. 


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