This is why you should always sleep naked

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Tuesday, 9 January 2018, 11:57AM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Some people are all for it, others are completely against it. Sleeping naked, it's a divided topic. 

But it turns out that those who choose to go nakey are making the right choice, as there are tonnes of science-backed reasons why you should embrace a little nudity at night.

Reason #1: You might get a better night's sleep

Sleeping naked lowers your body temperature faster, allowing your body to get to the temperature that shifts your sleep to the deeper stages. The deeper stages of sleep are what makes you truly rested.

An Australian study also found that a drop in core temperature is needed to initiate normal sleep.

Reason #2: You might even lose weight

One study found that a cooler body temperature at night changes men's body fat composition, reducing white fat - which is associated with obesity - and increasing brown fat, which burns energy to create heat.

This ignites your metabolism, making it easier to lose weight.

Reason #3: Is beneficial for the hygiene and reproduction in your nether regions

A 2015 study found that tight boxers increase the temperature around the testicles, potentially damaging production.

And, if you have a vagina, sleeping naked could help it 'breathe', as wearing underwear increases its temperature and moisture.

Ronald Blatt, a gynecologist at Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery said, "The vagina certainly does need to breathe and that can be accomplished by sleeping without underwear.

This will cool you down, air you out, and may prevent yeast infections which usually happen in moist, and warm areas of the body."

Even all this advice may not convince you though, as Vaughan has revealed why he refuses to sleep naked: